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KELLY KETTLE® -  Camp Kettle boil water in  outdoors fast in extreme weather conditions


Frequently asked questions about the Kelly Kettle camp stoves. Learn about this essential camping gear. Kelly Kettle is must have camping gear. Outdoor camping kettle is great for emergency preparedness. This outdoor camp stove is a great gift for Father's Day or Christmas gift for Dad.

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1  Can the Kettle be used without water in the chamber?
2  What do the kettles weigh and which kettle is most suitable for me?
3  Can 1 Kettle be used to boil water for a large group?
4  I want to be added to your mailing list and receive product updates etc.
5  Can I order online?
6  Can my alcohol burner be used with the Kelly Kettle?
7  Do you ship internationally?
8  How is the kettle lifted on and off the fire base?
9  What material are Kelly Kettles made from?
10  What type of food can be cooked using the pot-support?
11  Can I cook over the Kelly Kettle using the Pot-support if there is no water in the chamber?
12   Backpackers - how can you make your kit lighter?
13  Can the Pot-Support be used on the Small (1 Pint) Kelly Kettle?
14  I have lost the fire base for my camping Kettle - can I get a replacement?