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This is our most popular Kettle and Kit! Your Ultimate adventure awaits. Includes the SST Large Base Camp, Storage Bag, Large Cookset, Pot Support, Hobo Stove, Camp Cups and Stainless Camp Plates.

Ultimate Kits are absolutely the best value when purchasing Kelly Kettle products!

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FREE GROUND SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES! If shipping to AK, HI or Canada, please email us.Includes the Kelly Kettle storage bag.

Enjoy the outdoors with all of the amazing Kelly Kettle products. New additions are the Hobo Stove,  Camp Cups and Stainless Camp Plates.

Fire Base & Drawstring carrying bag are included as Standard Equipment with each Kelly Kettle.

This Kelly Kettle boils approximately 9 - 6 oz. Mugs of water at a time and is the size traditionally used by Irish Anglers. Suitable for Base Camps, Car Camping, Scout Camps, Picnics, Hunters, Outfitters Outposts, Emergency Preparedness Kits, Humanitarian Aid Stations, or anyone working in the Forests or the Great Outdoors.

The Kelly Kettle works in harsh weather conditions bringing water to boil within a matter of minutes using whatever solid fuel is naturally occuring in the area - sticks, grass, pine cones, bark etc. No need to carry fuel. Ever !

Kelly Kettle users have described their kettles as the "Greatest Invention of all Time".

Cost-Free, Carbon-Neutral, Eco Friendly Camping at its Very Best!

Add our Pot-Support and Cook Set to cook small amounts of food (Noodles, Rice, Oatmeal, Re-hydrated food, Soup, etc.) over the Kelly Kettle while your water boils. 

Product Dimensions:

Height ....... 13 inches (Packed)
Diameter... 7. inches (Widest Point at Rim of Base)
Capacity.... 54 fl. oz., 1.6L, 6.75 cups
Weight...... 2.45 lbs

Pot Capacity.....  32 oz. / 4 cups
Cups Weight..... 1.7 lbs.
Plates Weight.... .28 lbs.

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Additional Info
SKU 50119

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Customer Reviews (8)
The Kelly kettle pleasantly exceeds expectations
Great service, fast shipping.
The Kelly kettle pleasantly exceeds expectations, even though I have not been able to test it in the field yet.
Thank you!

Order date 10-11-2017
Review by anonymous a. (Posted on 11/8/2017)
It (Kelly Kettle Kit) has literally changed the way we spend our time out on the land.
Hi KK,
This is Chris and Alexandra John from Yellowknife, NWT. A friend told us about Kelly Kettle, and we've been hooked since. We travel weekly to remote locations and are in need of a hot meal and a bit of warmth. Nearly every Sunday we tend to explore the lands around here. We life in and explore the sub-arctic weekly.

Here are two photos:
The top one with the sunset is at Mirage Islands, Great Slave Lake on New Years Day. We had travelled as far as we could make in the 5 hours of sunlight, and needed a bit of of a break before we headed home.

The second one is on the last day of Moose Hunting Season - January 31st on the North Arm of Great Slave Lake. Although it was late in the day, we were cold and in need of some warmth and nourishment before we took the trek home.

We (and our friends) have been loving our Kelly Kettles. They burn great in these cold temperatures and the design roars them up to life in a couple minutes. We're still working on our ideal setup, but right now we:

- Light the KK, get it boiling for a meal. (make the meal ie. Backpackers pantry meal)
- Refill it, get it boiling for Tea. (a few large cups of whatever Tea we want) (we learned quickly to use insulated cups)
- Put the pot aside, and the hobo stove on, and use it for a fire. The rocket stove/bottom pot keeps the snow from affecting the fire, so we get a nice fire going. Now the snow doesn't melt and kill the fire at the base.

This is really good for us because with biofuel we don't need to bring any extra fuel, and we can never run out! Once we get any stage going, we can run it for however long we want because the fuel is always available!

I've been up North here for 18 years, and until the Kelly Kettle, haven't seen anything that compares. Thank you for making such a solid product at a good price! It has literally changed the way we spend our time out on the land. We're looking forward to many more years of exploration with your products supporting us.

Thanks for making such a good product that really helps us on our journeys.
Chris and Alexandra John, NWT, Canada
Review by C & A John, NWT, Canada (Posted on 11/2/2017)
I love your product
I have your Stainless Steel Base Camp Kettle & Cook set. Later added a Hobo Stove, extra Firebase, Cups, and extra parts.
I Live in British Columbia, Canada. I hunt and generally spend a great amount of time in the wilderness. It is in my car or backpack, everywhere I go.
I love your product.
Only thing I forgot was an extra bag. No worries. All fit in a large Camelback Water Pack, fuel and First Aid kit.
Great Work.
R. Burtnick
Review by R. Burtnick, Canada (Posted on 11/2/2017)
What a GREAT Stove!
Of all the new gear I bought this year, the Ultimate Stainless Base Camp Kit was the pick of the trip. We used it the whole trip for all our cooking. Even in sites where there wasn't enough wood for a camp fire there was plenty for this stove. All we had to do is pull it out, and the younger members of the group were gathering twigs and cones to fuel the stove.
I love this stove and will buy a smaller one for solo tripping.
Review by K. French, USA (Posted on 11/2/2017)
Best kit I've bought....
Ive got this kit and a fly me to the moon hammock and other then sleeping bag and cloths.
That's my kit. Packs small and plays big. Ive cut my general kit down to half and the kelly kettle is a big part of that. After a long day in the boat we pull up on the beach and within about ten min's Ive got hot tea and am ready to cook a can of beans. After you are done you got coals to start a fire with. I bought one, now my sons got one and most of my friends.
Best piece of kit Ive ever had!
Review by Dado (Posted on 11/2/2017)
The best camping kit ever.
The best camping kit ever. Review by Mogge (Posted on 11/2/2017)
We have tested out a full English breakfast. Outstanding!
Received my Kelly kettle, used it while working on my allotment. Brilliant results. Found no problems very easy to light and cook on. We have tested out a full english breakfast Outstanding! Charles Review by Charles, Lancs, UK (Posted on 11/2/2017)
If power is out for whatever reason it runs by sticks! A real life saver
Hello Kelly kettle.
I bought one off you. Works great and is a very useful piece of equipment for power down situation. We have seen this recently, not just in Ireland, but Indian sub continent, Latin America and many countries. I have the security that if it happens here, my family n me will be fine. If power is out for whatever reason it runs by sticks! A real life saver and as you know excellent camping accessory for your kit. Your customer service is good and when ordering you can track delivery. 5/5.
Awesome. Thank you!
Wendy x
Review by Wendy B (Posted on 11/2/2017)
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