Kelly Kettles®

Kelly Kettles®

Kelly Kettles are available in various sizes, and you can choose between Food Grade Stainless Steel (304) or Anodised Aluminium (1020). All kettles come with a durable stainless steel fire-base, drawstring carry bag, instruction leaflet and a 2 year Limited Warranty.

  • Base Camp - Boils 54 fl. oz.  Packed Height 13"   Width 7.3"  Suits: Groups, Family Outings, Car Camping, Fishing, Garden Allotments
  • Scout           - Boils 41 fl. oz. Packed Height 10.4" Width 7.3"  Suits: Scouts, Small Groups or Families, Beach, etc.strong
  • Trekker        - Boils 20 fl. oz. Packed Height 10.4" Width 5.5"  Suits: 1-2 people, Backpacking, Trekking, Kayaking, Hill Walking, etc.

New Whistle Stopper available to replace ‘Old Cork or Orange Stopper’.

If your existing Kelly Kettle has the ‘Old Cork or Orange Stoppers’ we encourage you to obtain the New Green Whistle Stopper as an additional measure of safety. The long-standing warning to “Do Not Boil with the Cork In” is important to heed. Serious burns and injury may happen if the old cork or orange stopper is in the spout when water is being boiled.

A popular Green Whistle has replaced the Orange stopper on all our Kettles and Kits.

Famous Camping Kettle from Ireland, these great camping stoves boil water ultra fast and cook food at the same time. Looking for the perfect Birthday gift or Christmas gift? The Kelly Kettle is a great gift idea! NO FUEL REQUIRED

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