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What material are Kelly Kettles made from?


Historically, all Kelly Kettles have been made from Aluminum (1020) however, we now supply a full range of high grade Stainless Steel (304) kettles.

We currently provide 3 sizes in Aluminum (Base Camp 54 fl.oz. / Scout 41 fl.oz. / Trekker 20 fl.oz.)

And we provide 3 sizes in Stainless Steel (Base Camp 54 fl.oz. / Scout 41 fl.oz. / Trekker 20 fl.oz.)

The 'Base Camp' is our largest kettle.  The 'Scout' is our middle size and the 'Trekker' is currently our smallest kettle.

All of our accessories, Hobo Camp Stove, Cups, Plates, Cook sets etc. are all made from Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel.

Other products are planned for Autumn/Winter 2019 and our website and social media pages will be updated as new products become available.

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