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Can the kettle be used without water in the chamber?


No - Never!

If you use your Kelly Kettle without water in the chamber you run the risk of overheating and melting the inner chimney wall.  This is especially the case with Aluminium (Kettles) which has a lower heat threshold than Stainless Steel.  We have no recorded cases of any of our Stainless Steel kettles melting.

Please look at the pictures below - all of which are Aluminium Kettles which have been used without water or allowed to boil dry.  Note: it is physically impossible to melt the chimney, if the kettle is been used correctly and there is always water in the chamber.

Tell-tale signs that a kettle has been boiled dry are:

  • The inner chimney cracks (early stages of overheating)
  • The inner chimney wall has either melted through completely or become so brittle that you can easily stick your finger through it!
  • The warning labels on the outside of the kettle have bubbled up, singed and perhaps disappeared altogether from the kettle! This is an extreme case - see bottom right picture.

NOTE: Your 2 year anti-leak warranty will not apply if you boil your kettle dry!