How Does the Kelly Kettle Work?

Looking for one of those great camping gadgets that’s the best camping kettle, portable water heater, camp stove and boils a cuppa camp coffee in 5 minutes? I know… who doesn’t long for hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa when your up early on a chilly morn? Or – been out fishing or hunting – yea, you need your camp coffee pronto.

Add to Your Camping Essentials

Put the Kelly Kettle on your list of camping essentials – ’cause it’s an awesome little device for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, hunting, emergency preparedness and on and on we go. It boils water ultra fast. I mean really FASSSSSTTTTTT. In the past few years, the Kelly Kettle has added many useful accessories – so now this great little piece of camping gear not only boils water, it cooks food – um, yes, while you boil water. The addition of the Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove makes it possible to fry up the “catch of the day”, cook some hot dogs or fry up a steak to go with your morning eggs. They now make Kelly Kettle plates and cups – all fit nicely into an easily portable carry – all bag.

Check out one of the first Kelly Kettle videos ever made. Patrick Kelly – does a great demo of the family product. I decided to post this video, not only because Patrick does a great job of explaining how the camping kettle / camp stove works – ya gotta love the Irish accent. Makes it more fun to own one.