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KELLY KETTLE® -  Camp Kettle boil water in  outdoors fast in extreme weather conditions


On my many fishing trips I always appreciated having my Kelly Kettle with me. As angling journalist and publisher of the German angling Magazine "Classy Catchers“ ( I know about the cult status your kettle has amongst anglers. Since I used it first time I know why! The Kelly Kettle will never let you down...

Wolfgang Kalweit, Germany

CANOE TRIP with Kelly Kettle

Hello Patrick,
I’m writing to share with you my experience using a Kelly Kettle. My son and I spent 10 days canoeing in and around Isle Royale National Park. If you aren’t familiar with the park, it’s a very isolated island in Lake Superior and is approximately 60 miles from the mainland of Michigan.
I began by storing the kettle in the stern of my canoe with a bungee cord. Due to the minimal weight of the kettle, I was able to keep it secured in the canoe during our portages, which were many.  Due to the relatively large size of the kettle, the ability to store it in the canoe at all times was important.  As far as the performance of the kettle…it was fantastic.  The “firing up” of the kettle soon became an anticipated part of our daily routine.  I should mention that “open” fires are not allowed on Isle Royale but twig fires are acceptable.  With the exception of cooking fish in a frying pan, I had no need for my propane stove.  I will be taking my Kelly Kettle on all future trips!  If I may offer one suggestion, it would not be with the kettle itself but rather the carrying bag, by the end of the trip it had failed at the bottom seam.

I thought I would share with you some photos of my kettle in action (please see attachments).  Speaking of photos, I feel the image of a Kelly Kettle in action is as a very powerful image. Aside from the great design, I think it was all of the images on your old site that sold me.
Again, thanks for a great product and one that generates a lot of interest wherever I take it.



P.S. If you look closely at the image of the canoe you can see the kettle inverted and secured in the stern area.

I bought the Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle ® - Complete Series last summer.  Delivery was fast 3 days.  I tried the kettle off-road use prior to operation.  Kelly cook 1.7 liters of water in less than 10min.  I used a kelly hunt and fish in the autumn and winter, up to -30 degrees below zero, without any problems.  No longer needed to think about how much fuel is needed and to carry around!  Highly recommended acquisition for small groups or family!  Later will acquired a smaller 1L kelly, if it enters the range of stainless steel.


Timo Udd, Finland


With a fist full of crumpled newspaper and a handfull of small pine twigs in the burner pan, I lit the Kettle. Within just less than four minutes the Kettle came to a full rolling boil. What a marvelous little item this really is.

I will be using it on a regular basis on fishing and camping outings.

Thank you."

 Don Wilkerson, Ohio, USA.


Two years ago I moved from Ontario to Newfoundland  to enjoy the outdoors of life.  Soon after I was at a meeting of a few good freinds, down by a river that opens to the mouth of the ocean, when a friend pulls out this kettle type thing.  Right away after seing it, I knew I had to have one.  This one had been in the family and passed down a generation and still worked like a charm, I couldnt believe it !
I asked what is it ?? with a reply of a KELLY KETTLE !
I ordered one from you right away, and have been using it ever since, outings in the bush, by the water, on the ice fishing .. just stop and have a coffee anywhere !!!
I LUV IT and would tell anyone who loves the outdoors to get one, you will never ever regret it !

Thanks again

Sandy McKitrick, Newfoundland


Wanted everyone to know - this product works!  Used it after a hurricane in Florida.  Also, just camping for two weeks.  Efficient and effective.

Thanks Kelly Kettle!"

 John Shaffer, U.S.A.


Patrick and Seamus !

This is one piece of equipment I never have regretted buying. The Kelly Kettle has been with me on all of my mountain hikes this summer. At first I thought that it could be a problem finding fuel high up in the mountains but it has never been a problem.

Best Regards"

 Jarl Frithiof, Sweden


Dear All at Kelly Kettle,
I've wanted one of thse since I first saw something very similar on a tiny island lake, more of a big rock really, in SW Ireland whilst stopping for tea during a salmon fishing day with my father. I was given one finally in the mid 90's, since when it has been a constant companion on my many a trip away, and still it shows no sign of ageing, unlike its owner! I live in Dubai now and there is no better way to brew up when fire materials are so limited in the desert, and often the desert wind makes a conventional fire difficult. Recently it accompanied us on an overland trip all the way from Dubai to Salalah in the Dhofari region of Oman, right down near the Yemen border. Stuck in Wadi Darbat in the middle of nowhere, or on the freezing bare rock tops of Jebel Akdar, trying to capture the dawn light on camera, it provided many happy breakfast brews! I have one in UK too for fishing and fowling trips, family members have received them from me, also friends in Australia, and following a recent "tea Party" with Dubai's falconers, I have ordered two as presents for the lads here!

 A marvellous tool, long live Kelly Kettle!"

 Kevin Hyland, Dubai


"Kellys Kettle is like a very secret thing, I\'ve used it salmon fishing, pike fishing, camping , turf cutting and just sometimes for its own sake, just for the sheer pleasure of having a brew up in the garden while diggin praties - it is quite simply unsurpassed in its efficiency and sheer fun. I look forward to more Irish ingenuity."

David McMeekin, Northern Ireland

Dear Kelly Kettle Company,

One of the best gardening gadgets I have bought.
We bought one for use on our allotment earlier in the year, so having used it all summer and into the autumn we now appreciate how well it works.  We are saving a fortune on gas cylinders and no longer sufffering lack of gas when the weather gets cold.
Kind regards,"

Phil Kelsall, U.K.


Dear Kelly Kettle Comapny,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product.  I ordered the large kit instead of the medium one, due to availability, but I am glad that I did.  Although a little large for backpacking, it's very light and I was able to store a few additional items inside the chimney.

I was able to boil 50 US fluid ounces of water fater than my friends gas stove could boil 16 and there was enough water for a couple MRE's or a bunch of coffees.  The quality is also amazing.  Each seam is well made and the bottom is pressed together about an inch up make certain it won't leak.

Thanks for your great product and quick answers to my questions.  I will likely be buying the small kettle as well for future backpacking trips.

Thanks again."

Dan Turano, U.S.A.

I would like to thank you for providing such a great product.  My Kelly Kettles have proved to be invaluable over the years.  They have functioned perfectly in all weathers and have accompanied me on many a happy walk, cycle, drive and camp. 

Keep up the great work!"

Steve Andrews, Jersey, Channel Islands


Dear Patrick & Seamus,

I wanted to take a moment to express my total satisfaction with  the 'Kelly Kettle'.  I, along with five others took and eight day adventure ride on motorcycles and we all raved over the kettle.  It was very convenient even though it was alittle larger than the gas fuel type stoves that the other had brought, I didn't have to pack extra fuel.  The advantage of being able to cook on top at the same time as maintain a steady supply of hot water was outstanding!  Thanks again for the quick shipping."

Bernie Kale, Alaska

Hi Kelly Kettle Co.'

 I thought you might like to know that your kettles are truly amazing.  Not only do they work superbly, and entertain the crowds that gather when we use it in public, but they can stand up to some pretty tough problems!

We live in the mountains of south west Bulgaria, and I guess have one of the few Kelly kettles here.  We store it by under the eaves of our house, standing on the stone foundation wall.  Yesterday while we were in the house during a massive thunderstorm, we received a direct lightening strike to the roof, which blew the lights out and frankly terrified us with the sheer explosive noise, the biggest bang I have ever heard in my life.  Looking round outside we noticed the kettle several feet away from the house.  Just where it had stood, there is now a large blackened and scorched mark on the timber frame of the house, where the lightening exited! It must have hit the kettle on it's way to the ground.  The only mark on the kettle is a small burn (which wasn't there before) where the metal chain is attached to the cork! We are very impressed, otherwise it is still in perfect condition, in fact part of the usual soot and tar residue on the inside of the chimney is now completely clean, and it is the same size as the mark on the wall.....  So if you want to clean off the grunge off the chimney of a kelly kettle you could just leave it out in a thunderstorm...!!

Regards from Bulgaria

Lee Gilbert

"Dear Kelly kettle Co".

This morning there was a large explosion and we didn't have electricity.  Lucky for me yourKelly Kettle came and I was able to make a fine cup of coffee on my patio with twigs that fell from my trees.  We are taking it on our camping trip thsi week where we never seem to have enough hot water.  

Thanks for making a great product.  It was worth the wait.  I love it."

Greg, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A.


Hi Kelly Kettle Co.,

I have had one of your kettles for a couple of years and it lives in my truck.  It's far better than having a flask.  I only heat the water I need for a brew whether its tea or a cuppa soup.  I carry a gallon of water and that is all I need.  If I run out, there are plenty of streams about!  Also, the moral boosting effect of seeing the fire roaring on a cold February afternoon when I'm Roe Doe stalking is unbelieveable.  Hot water to make a drink, wash my hands and equipment after a stalk - what could be better?  

Best bit of outdoor kit I have and to think I took out of my mate when I first saw his!  Thanks for a great product."

Jeff Gibson, U.K.   


Many Thanks Kelly Kettle Team,

My wife and I saw a KELLY KETTLE being used on our holidays in the Highlands last December. WOW. What an excellent piece of kit.  While our gas froze,dropped pressure and took nearly an hour to boil water, we watched the Kelly Kettle boil in under 5 mins.
We had to get one for our camping trips in the winter.  It arrived today,we are now proud owners of a Kelly Kettle.   Cant wait till the winter.

Once again, many thanks.

Paul Chetwynd, Scotland


Dear Kelly Kettle Co.

Wow, what can I say!  Always fancied having a kelly kettle.  I bought one recently and to say that I am delighted with your product is an understatement!

It heats the water breathtakingly fast and gives off a nice amount of heat for warmth; a fantastic product; this puts gas stoves in the shade.  I wish I had bought one of these years ago!

Kind regards"

Will joyce, U.K.


Hi Patrick & Seamus,

I have used your product extensively while camping in Uganda & Kenya - I now live in Brasil and have just bought another kettle online which arrived safe and sound for $7.50 shipping charge - amazing!

This is truly a great and versatile product that works well under any conditions with almost any organic fuel source - if you go outdoors, don't go without it!

Best regards"

Patrick Rose, Brasil 


Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd sent a couple of happy snaps from the Whitsundays (Great Barrier Reef, Australia).  We have used the Kelly Kettle for a couple of years now.  We LOVE it.

As you may know, we get a lot of rain here so, if it has been raining I use dead twigs from trees still standing (they are usually drier) and put some hand idsinfectant gel (it's about 90% alcohol) on the twigs before lighting them.  It works a charm.  Thanks again for a great invention.

Very best wishes and thanks again for a teriffic bit of gear.


Loe Hartley, Australia


Compliments to the Kelly Kettle Co.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you.  I received my Kelly Kettle today.  What FAST shipping to Canada!  I have tried it and marvel at its efficiency and simplicity.  It worked wonderfully and will be the most important part of my kit. 

Thank you again for a great product, easy ordering and fast delivery!  What more could a customer want.

James Lefroy, Canada

Dear Patrick & Seamus,

I live in Zambia and use your large kettle all the time when camping. It is an invaluable piece of kit and I never leave home without it.  I find a very useful advantage is that when the waters boiled, the burning embers can be simply tipped into the centre of some kindling, quickly and easily starting the evenings fire"

Steve Tolan, Zambia


"What a Gem!

I received my Kelly Kettle back in early October (2008),  at first I was a little sceptical as to whether it would live up to its name.  Well I have to say it goes beyond all expectations.  What a fantastic piece of kit and it's now something that goes on all fishing trips.  So easy to use, very light to carry around and the water is boiled in a matter of minutes and a great deal hotter than the old flask is used to use.  Even my wife was impresson how quickly it boiled!

Fantastic service, prompt delivery and a truly superb piece of kit ......thanks to all at the Kelly Kettle Co."

Dave Brown, U.K.

Dear Patrick & Seamus,

The Kelly Kettle is an awesome piece of kit, it gets so much use from heating mulled wine on frozen Siberian lakes, coffee in the Mongolian Gobi Desert and cooking for 4 people for a couple of weeks when the gas ran out whilst driving across Siberia. Many thanks."

Alexis Fletcher, U.K.

Dear Kelly's,

I bought my large Kelly primarily to serve as a water boiler for my home and/or car disaster kit.  I serve on an emergency communication team in my home area that may require deployment to Emergency Operations Centers…having a cup of coffee, soup or tea while stationed at these sites or even using the Kelly for water sterilization is an excellent use.  The bulk of the device is offset by the endless fuel options found in natural disasters…downed trees, no power.

Thank you" 

R. Schaffer, WashingtonState, Seattle, USA


Dear Kelly Kettle Co.

I thought you might like to know that since becoming an owner of my fantastic kettle I have used it in Malawi (C Africa), Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia and Belize.  Where ever I’ve been the number of admirers the Kelly attracts makes me wonder whether I should ask for a franchise!!.  Anyway, great kettle that’s been admired in some of the more “interesting” places of the world with me in the last couple of years."

M H M Kemsley MBE, Wg Cdr, RAF, Lincoln, UK


Dear Kelly Kettle Co.

We have used the Large Kelly Kettle every day in the outback for the past 5 weeks.  It has been absolutely brilliant - you can imagine that in the Desert there is no shortage of very dry twigs; leaves; grass etc.  It boils the water so fast that we had to revise our early morning procedures to cope with the speed!  Once again, many thanks.  I am now about to order two more for my friends."

Brian C Tipper, Australia

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