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KELLY KETTLE® -  Camp Kettle boil water in  outdoors fast in extreme weather conditions

Ultimate Stainless Base Camp Kit

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Ultimate Stainless Base Camp Kit

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Customer Reviews

  1. Great investment Review by Geriatric Doorgunner

    My wife and I are unabashed preppers. Where we live there are not a lot of trees for fuel, but a lot of bushes and prairie grass so the concept of a "small fuel" stove seemed attractive. I bought a Trekker model to keep in the truck as the nearest shopping is about a two day walk back home if we were to get stuck. After the first trial burn I also decided to get us a Base Camp model for the house should the grid go down and propane deliveries halt. They just work and work well. Of course if you fill to the bottom of the pour spout, you have a self extinguishing flame, so leave a little space to avoid boil over. Not a bad thing; just something to remember. Very pleased to recommend to all. (Posted on 1/25/2017)

  2. Kettle that sells itself Review by Dutchman

    Since about four weeks we enjoy the virtues of the Kelly Kettle Base camp kit. Been playing with it in order to learn how to handle it like a pro when on the campsite. I showed the kit to two friends who both immediatly decided to buy a kettle too, even without having it demonstrated. Pity it's not me who is the reseller...

    Here are my first opinions.

    * Water cooking: 1,5 ltr in about 3 minutes is very fast. The boiled water fits well in our large Stanley thermos, where it serves for the rest of the day for coffee, tea, soup etc. I was amazed by the little time and fuel it took to get the water to 100 Celsius. Very efficient!

    * Coffee making. I put a Bialetti Mocca maker that I first filled with some boiling water from the kettle on the pot support. This works well as long as there is no or little wind. I had windy conditions so had to cover the flame with my hands. It took some patience before the water (that already was close to boiling temp when placed on the pot support ) rose through the percolator. But building up enough pressure also takes some energy I realise myself.

    * The hobo stove works well. It provides enough heat for baking eggs or sausages.

    * I also used the grate for grilling some sausages over the glowing remainders of the fire that I used to cook water. This worked well as long as the sausages are not too long and to big, as the fire will not provide heat for a very long time.

    * The provided plates, mugs and pans work well and fit snugly together although I used a larger pan on the hobo stove.

    All in all I think this kit will accompany us on many of our trips. It is versatile, efficient and 'een gezellig ding', as we say in Holland. (Posted on 9/15/2016)

  3. Best customer Service Review by john

    Customer service at Kelly Kettle is some of the best I have ever dealt with.


    As I said, I am a Gear Head.
    I spent the weekend playing with the kettle.

    If you are thinking about getting one, don't hesitate!!!
    A couple of my friends are already drooling over mine, and I know I will be a repeat customer!

    (Posted on 4/13/2015)

  4. overall OK Review by john

    Let me preface this letter by saying that I am a Gear Head, and therefore I am very critical in my observations... I purchased the Stainless Base Camp combo setup. So here goes...
    Shipping was fast, I am pleased...Now on to the review of the components... I'll start with the ancillary items.
    Mugs and Cook Set...Well constructed. The thickness of materials are more than adequate.
    Hobo Stove...A little thinner than I would have liked, but adequate for it's intended use.
    Pot Support...Adequate.
    Cooking Grate...Adequate, really needs a couple of rings to secure the two halves together. It is redundant if you have the Hobo Stove.
    Fire Base...The thickness of materials are more than adequate. It did have a FLAW in workmanship... The hole in the side was left with an unfinished edge and presented a cutting hazard. I had to file off the edge.
    Carry Bag...TO THIN!!!
    Fire Base, Hobo Stove Cook Set and Cups all nestled together well.

    Now on to the Kettle... The first thing I noticed when I unpacked it, is that it had blood on it...My blood...One of the bale attachments had the same issue as the fire pot. It was not finished after stamping, and IT BIT ME!!! Let's face it these units are not cheap, and I expect better fit and finish than this!!! All three attachment points (bale and stopper) just look flimsy...They detract from the appearance of "quality". A re-design should be looked into. I would recommend a square attachment, welded top and bottom instead of the wing design you currently utilize. The Bale needs to be of a heavier gauge, as it also screams flimsy.
    Both of these points severely distract from the appearance and feel of quality. The kettle body is of adequate thickness, and appears well made (excluding the aforementioned items).

    Test #1:
    I did a gas range top experiment to determine the efficiency of the Kelly Kettle design...One of the reasons I purchased the Kelly Kettle was to conserve energy in an emergency... Logic indicated that with the large surface area in contact with the hot combustion gases should result in a reduction in the time necessary to boil water when compared to a standard kettle. This was not the case.
    I started the test by setting my stove at a point that all of the flame was inside the circumference of the Kelly kettle (low for my stove). I ran the stove for 5 minutes to heat up the cast iron top. I filled the kettle with 3 pints (measured) of water at 54 degrees, and sat it on the flame. I stopped the test as soon as the temperature reached 200 degrees. Total elapsed time 26 minutes 10 seconds.
    I then repeated the test using my kettle (rounded design). All test parameters were identical.
    To my amazement, 200 degrees was attained in 14 minutes 32 seconds. No fuel savings here!!!

    The results of my stove top test was a disappointment. Now, to be fair, The Kelly Kettle is designed to utilize Bio-fuel so on to the next test...

    Test #2:

    Up here in the Pacific North Wet, dry anything is rare. I scrounged through the woods for some "reasonably" dry twigs...mixed Alder, Fir, and cedar.
    I started the pile with some good dry Cedar from the wood shed that I shaved, and in true Boy Scout fashion doused the pile with a little lighter fluid. once the starter pile was burning I set the Kelly Kettle on the fire pot and started to add semi-dry twigs to it. It smoked and belched for a few minutes and then settled down. Still smoked a little, but not bad.
    8 minutes and 9 seconds later the water had reached 200 degrees, and I stopped the test.

    At this point I can say that I am impressed with the unit. it did what it was designed to do... VERY WELL!!!... Even with less than perfect fuel.
    I will also add that it used far less fuel than expected.
    Upon removing the kettle from the fire pot, I was surprised that the handle although feeling flimsy worked perfectly...better than I expected it to.

    My rating for this item:
    A solid 5 stars for operating as it was intended to.
    3 stars for finish...(Several "Special Incantations" and 5 minutes of file work solved the finish problems. Had they not been there I would have given it 4 stars.)
    4 stars overall.

    Would I recommend it to a friend...Absolutely...I am going to purchase a couple of the small Trekker models for myself and for my Son.

    P.S. I wanted to leave this as a review, but did not find how to do so on your website??? I am not super computer savvy!

    John in Washington.

    (Posted on 4/9/2015)

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